Unusual Sightings

14/7/18  3 immature Pacific gulls roosting at Port Kembla harbour southern boat ramp now 10.56am.
Thanks Paul Lynch

11/7/18  logrunners, red browed treecreepers and crested shrike tit at mt kembla ring track
Thanks Terrill Nordstrom and Michelle

6/7/18  Continuing birds Hudwit and Banded Stilt seen on Sandbars NE side of Lake Wollumboola
Thanks Kim Touzel and Paul Lynch

4/7/18  25 freckled ducks and 4 varied sittella . Twin waters
Thanks Terrill, Brian and Ralph

4/7/18  Powerful Owl in Mangerton Park,
Thanks Marie Mitchell-Stanley

3/7/18 4 pied oystercatchers , Gerroa beach this morning.
Thanks Tim Billington

2/7/18 2 x Pacific Gulls coalcliff
Thanks Terril Nordstrom

1/7/18  Olive-backed Oriole Black Butt Forest.
thanks Lorraine Pincus

30/6/18 little bittern crookhaven creek next to Wellington rd Shoalhaven.