Unusual Sightings

13/6/17 1 Australasian Bittern Killalea Lagoon
Thanks Maria Coleman

13/6/17 1 Spotless Crake at Tallawarra
Thanks Graham Barwell and Paul Lynch

12/6/17 Bar Shouldered Doves Rocklow Rd, Dunmore
Thanks David and Kara Eddington

11/6/17 1 Restless Flycatcher, Factory Lane, Jamberoo and 1 Rose Robin Rocklow Rd, Dunmore
Thanks Graham Barwell

11/6/17 2 Australasian Bittern Tallawarra

10/6/17 White Kookaburra Killalea
Thanks Ralph Stadus

9/6/17 120 White Faced Herons Swamp Rd
Thanks Kara Eddington

9/6/17 6 Great Crested Grebes, Wingacarribee Reseroir
Thanks Paul Lynch

8/6/17 1 Red-necked Avocetfeeding with stilts Hooka Island. Observed from observation Tower.
Thanks Mari Coleman

5/6/17 2 Gull-billed Terns Shoalhaven Heads
Thanks Martin Potter

3/6/17 3 White-Fronted Terns Red Point Port Kembla.
Thanks Paul Lynch

2/6/17 Pair of Dark Morph White Bellied Cuckoo-Shrikes Killelea
Thanks Thomas Burley

28/5/17 1 Rose Robin and close sightings of Little Lorikeets.

23/5/17 Osprey flying over Windang now.
Thanks Richard Smart

21/5/17 Powerfull Owl hunting Saurday night Mount Kiera
Thanks Maria and Terry Coleman

9/5/17 3 Red Rump Parrots Warrawong Library
Thanks Bill Zealey

9/5/17 Powerfull Owl at Wollongong Botanic Gardens
Thanks Des Howey

8/5/17 1 Male Rose Robin Highlands Parade, Bull
Thanks Graham Barwell

4/5/17 1 White Headed Pigeon, 2 Large Billed Scrubwren, 2 Australian Logrunners and 1 Crested Shrike-tit. Behind Grevillea Park, Bulli Thanks Graham Barwell

4/5/17 1 x Bassian Thrush and 2 x Bar-Shouldered Doves Primbee Sand Dunes. Thanks Terrill Nordsrtom

1/5/17 Plenty of Honeyeaters still at Primbeedunes, including Fuscus and Scarlet plus 2 Little Lorikeets and a Brown Goshawk as a bonus. Thanks Graham Barwell

30/4/17 2 Pied Oystercatcher & 1 Gull-billed Tern highlights at Lake Wollumboola this arvo. Several flocks of Topknot Pigeon near Bomaderry & 1 Yellow-billed Spoonbill flew over the road between Geroa & Gerringong.
Thanks Graham Barwell

29/4/17 2 Large-billed Scrubwrens behind the Grevillea Garden, Bulli, this morning.
Thanks Graham Barwell

28/4/17 This evening Primbee Dune Scrub (east of Port Kembla Golf course), 2 Scarlet Honeyeaters, 1 Grey Goshawk & 1 immature Australian Hobby Also 2 Fuscus Honeteaters
Thanks Paul Lynch

27/4/17 Australasian Shoveler, Purrah Bay, Magpie Geese still at Forest Grove,
Thanks Brian Deans

24/4/17 A Noisy Pitta just called twice from our forest at the house. Bellawongarah Thanks Carla Jackett

23/4/17 Female Rose Robin lady Sunday and male on in backyard at Tapitallee.Thanks Kim Touzel

21/4/17 Powerful Owl heard calling briefly near my house in Bulli, 10.20 pm last night. My first record in 9 years of living here. Thanks Graham Barwell

11/4/17 A resident of Beach Rd Berry has reported a Blue-faced Honeyeater in her garden - photos seen

Three Swift Parrots Flowering paper bark grounds Bulli Hospital.
Thanks Nerida Hudspith

4 Tawny-crowned and 2 White-cheeked Honeyeaters at Maddens Plains track south of model aeroplane field this evening
Thanks Penny & Martin Potter

2+ Brown Quail in dune vegetation at Shoalhaven Heads Sat. afternoon.
Thanks Graham Barwell

Noisy Friarbirds & Musk Lorikeets in flowering gums, Dapto. Thanks Maria Coleman

Now 3 Magpie Geese at Forest Grove in main pond near cafe.
Thanks Brian Deans

At least half a dozen Swift Parrots seen high in eucalypts on Mt Kembla Ring track.
Thanks Joy Williams

Common Tern at Shoalhaven Heads now.Thanks Carla Jackett

The Inland Dotterel is still at SH hanging with the PG plovers.
Andrew Wood with Carla Jackett

Ruddy Turnstone (6). MM beach. Just south of the rock pools in the washed up kelp. Thanks Brian Deans

2 Glossy Black-Cockatoo flew overhead at Bass Point Reserve at 12.00 miday.
Thanks Lorraine Pincus

10 Double banded plover Windang Estuary
Eastern Osprey Why Juck Bay
Thanks Martin Cocker

Whimbrel amongst bar tailed godwits Brooks Creek entrance to the lake Lakeside Drive Kanahooka
Thanks Gleniss Wellings

Good numbers of Zebra & Double barred finches, 4+ Dusky Woodswallows, 4 White Plumed Honeyeaters & 2 Red Rumped Parrors, Westbrook Rd, near Cawdor Rd junction, Cawdor, 
Thanks Graham Barwell

White-bellied Sea Eagle Woonona Beach,
Thanks Nerida Hudspith

Little Eagle over Berkely,
Thanks Graham Barwell

Magpie Geese still at Forest Grove,
Thanks Martin Cocker

Brown Quail seen from the path eastern side of Hooka Creek. Accessed from the car park cnr Holborn and Sussex St Berkely,
Thanks Andrew Wood

Whimbrel and 2 Arctic Jaegers Red Point, Port Kembla,
Thanks Paul Lynch

Leadon Flycatcher Coachwood Park
Thanks Brian Deans

White Throated Needletail Cordeaux Heights
Thanks Brian Deans

Common Noddy
Red Point, Port Kembla
Thanks Paul lynch

1 Double Banded Plover Windand Island
Thanks Maria Coleman

1 Reef Egret Little lake bridge Barrack Heights
Thanks Graham Barwell

8 White Headed Pigeons Farmborough Heights
Thanks Andrew Wood

14 Golden Plovers, 2 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers, 6 Bartailed Godwits
Koona Bay Albion Park
Thanks Paul Lynch

Leaden Flycatcher Hooker Point Berkeley
Thanks Brian Deans

Cicadabird Caulderwood
Thanks Pauline Duren

4 Pink-eared Ducks Towradgi pool
Thanks Bill and Joan Zealey 

10 Plumed Whistling Ducks Nowra Sewrage Works
Thanks Jill Molan

5 Varied Sitellas Fitzroy Falls
6 Dusky Woodswallows Minnamurra Road
Thanks Carla Jacket

2 Cicadabirds Mt Kembla Ring Track
Thanks Paul Lynch

1 Glossy Ibis Killalea Lagoon
Thanks Graham Barwell

2 Grey Tattler Windang Island
Thanks Martin Cocker

5 Little Terns Boat Harbour Lake Illawarra
Thanks Paul Nesbitt

1 Grey Plover Shoalhaven Heads
Thanks Nerida Hudspith

Three Wedgetailed Eagles Coachwood Pk
Thanks Brian Deans

1 Red Knot & Double Banded Plover Shoalhaven Heads
Thanks Graham Barwell

2 Fork-tailed Swifts Barrack Point
Thanks Lorraine Pincus

2 Magpie Goose Forest Grove, Kanahooka
Thanks Brian Deans

Pheasant Coucal at Maddens Plains
Thanks Martin Potter

2 Pink-eared Ducks Coomaditchy Lagoon
Thanks Terrill Nordstrom

Oriental Plover with flock of Golden Plover at Shoalhaven Heads now!!
Thanks Martin Cocker

The orientation plover reported this morning has been confirmed as an Inland Dotteral
Thanks Martin Cocker / Martin Potter

4 Brown Quail
Greenhouse Park
Thanks Terrill Nordstrom

4 Femals or immature Australasian Shoveler
Thanks Carla Jacket

Common Sandpiper
Berkeley Harbour
Thanks Nerida Hudspith

Australian Shellduck
Mossvale Saleyards swamp
Thanks Graham Barwell

White-bellied sea eagle
over northern end Lake Illawarra.
Thanks Frances P

Southern Emu Wren (4) and Gang Gang Cockatoo (2) Maddens Plains.
Thanks Brian Deans

8 Emus at Sassafras Monday afternoon.
Thanks Graham Barwell

1 immature striated Heron in
little lake river under the bridge Barrack Point
Thanks Lorraine Pincus

1 immature Lewin's Rail this morning
Berkeley Boat Harbour,
thanks Maria Coleman