National Issues

Copies of letters sent

Illawarra Birders Letter re- Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo

Illawarra Birders letter to QLD state env minister Nov 2015

Letter to Warrawong Suzuki

Do not burn our forests letter

Letter to Minister Blair

Crown Land Reply

Reply from OEH about Lake Wollumboola 16-4-15

Illawarra Birders Submission re- Superb parrot 4-2-15

Illawarra Birders Submission re- Draft Illawarra Regional Growth and Infrastructure Plan Dec 2014 4-2-15

Update on Leard State Forest and the Maules Creek Mine 16-11-14

Illawarra Birders Biodiversity Legislation Review submission 31-8-14

Illawarra Birders submission ecological thinning Brigalow and Nanderwar July 2014 9-8-14

Leard State Forest

Premier’s office and the minister for Primary Industries re game birds

EPBC review to Australian Government

Hez letter to Cessnock Councillers

reply from Cessnock Council

World Wetlands Day

World Wetlands day was celebrated on the 2nd February in conjunction with Adam Woods who is the Wetlands Program Officer for Conservation Volunteers Australia and members from Illawarra Birders and the local Conservation Volunteers. The day began with a walk at Lake Illawarra entrance which is a usual part of our monthly Wader Survey (used for the Shorebirds 2020 project. Following this stalls were set up on the southern side of the lake and the Conservation Volunteers cooked and served a delicious breakfast. Members of the public were invited to participate and gather information relating to wetlands and the birds that frequent our local wetland areas. The shorebird survey work was continued after breakfast.

Latest Conservation News

We have sent letters to the State Government over the mining in Leard State Forest and the shooting of ducks for recreational purposes as well as a means of protection of crops. We received responses from the government relating to both issues but failed to make the government take any ACTION on either. Perhaps at the upcoming BIGNET meeting a letter could be drafted and signed by representatives from all participating groups as the shooting issue is currently being quietly passed through government.